Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Story ends...

When I met the doctor, he said to live with my parents 6 mnths more… I was shocked to hear the news coz I planned to stay and to find a job over there. I insisted but I was forced to obey doctors words..Without mental health how far a gal can live in an anonymous place… I called him, he asked me to come back to native…when I came back ..he was not like before..hardly come for job…asked me to find a job…then I tried for a job…in the nights I used to wait for him as before but he never comes..then on feb 16 I got a job as med transcriptionst… he called me ..after 2 weeks he calling… he said , dear I got engaged …I was shockd to hear about his engagement..i was stucked ..blank… I send him wishes..just that from my part…but he gave me so many replys.I said will stop chatting…he said will continue till his marriage..I said NO.. coz I am not dat kindda gal…what he think of me?? Am I a toy for him to play with..so for a month..i dnt chat in between I called him just to enquire about his marriage ..i decided his marriage conduct in our native..surely I will go… coz he is stayin near my house …but he is settled in abudhabi… I was thinking as for this i must give him a gift…two days before his marriage he called I asked him why he calling me again…he said he wanna call me again after his marriage as a gud frnd…he said, dear, always you were a gud frnd of mine…I got stunned…when I got an alliance ..i remember his words ..i cant see u other than my love..”these guys” I was thinking..Is wealth that all matters??
He said that he wanna chat ..he asked my mail ID..there again got shocked..for three years I was using this ID to chat with and he even knows the password byheart..I didn’t ask him why killing me again and again… even then I went online..he was asking me, dear I wanna see ur face … I said NO..
Coz in my mind I had the intention to go to his marriage as I said before..
So on may22 I wnt to his marriage.. one of the costliest auditorium of my place.. when I went thru the back row he called me he was sitting at the back … I went and sit near him..he gave me a shake hand.. I felt like giving a slap on his face…I just gave him a 5 star chocolate a 10rs chocolate..as a thanksgiving for luving me three and half years..
When the ceremonial started when he started moving power gone..darkness in the hall where he was standing..at that spot I was cryin..he just turned back …that look I will cherish it through out my life…..
After 2 days of his marriage he called me again from another number..if it was his number I wud have never taken..asked about my home details..i was standing in the terrace ..when I lookd out..I saw him outside in the car…again he agve me a shock..he dint kept the fone.goin on begging me..shall I call u dear..all my old frnds calls me..then y cant u… that time I undrstood he dint understand wat my love is…my 3 years of love ……
I Wasted all my love for a person who don’t even deserve a bit of love from me………

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